Gledhow now

Gledhow Field, sometimes known as the ‘Postage Stamp’, is located directly behind Gledhow Primary School with access points from Brackenwood Drive, Chandos Green and Chandos Gardens.  Although a small piece of land, this green space is a busy area used by many.  Throughout the year, kids kick a ball around, ride bikes and enjoy safe and free play.  Locals picnic and  generally enjoy the peace and quiet of this oasis of calm.  The land is a key connector route between the Brackenwood Estate, the Chandos streets, Lidgett Lane and the two bus terminals on Brackenwood Drive and is also a shortcut to access the path through the woods to Chapel Allerton.   The land is flat, away from main roads and, due to the frequent use of the land, it is a safe place for children to play.


The land is an area peace and quiet, a well kept lawned area which is bounded by wild flowers and trees, (recently planted and mature), which form a haven for wildlife. Even those that may be unable to access it directly themselves, the residents of the neighbouring care home, value the pleasant outlook they have over the green space.


Connected to the land is the Brackenwood Community Playground which was successfully created through the hard work of the Brackenwood Community Association and which plays a key role in local community life.


The land has played an important part at the heart of the local Brackenwood and Gledhow communities for decades, if you were brought up in this area, you will undoubtedly have played on the land at some point.  With the impending growth of the school, the importance of this green space will increase as it is vital that our children have access to areas for safe, free play, fresh air and nature.  This hidden gem in our locality has benefited previous generations as well as the kids of today.  The Friends of Gledhow Field’s primary objective is to ensure that we preserve it for the future too.