Improving Gledhow Field

Improving Gledhow Field

A survey was completed to find out what local people would like to see on Gledhow Field and how they feel it could be improved.  The survey was promoted via the following means:

  • A door to door survey of residents who live next to the land.
  • A fun day held on the Brackenwood Estate, (specifically targeted as the event is mostly attended by parents of young children which gave us a balanced response).
  • Word of mouth
  • Social Media
  • Gledhow Primary School’s website

The results of the survey are:

87% thought that the area should be made into a park.

88% were in favour of Wild Flowers/Edible Beds.  The recent work on the edible beds around Oakwood Clock was highlighted and it was felt that this would be a valuable asset in the locality as well as being something that the children from Gledhow School and the community could work on together as a joint project.

24% wanted to see Access/Control gates.

46% felt that the existing playground should be expanded or improved with the addition of Multi Use Games Areas, (MUGA), for free access to sporting facilities which, with the appropriate controls, could be used by both the community and the school. An excellent example is the ‘Outstanding’ rated Meanwood C of E School which has recently been named as the Sunday Times top Primary School, in part due to their innovative thinking around the sharing of land by the public and school (

5% would like to see the field closed for school use only.

69% of respondents would like to see seating on the field.

78% of respondents would like to see litter bins and signage. Many local residents help to keep the field clear from litter and therefore this is not a major issue, dog waste has been a problem.

There are many different ways in which Gledhow Field could be improved and the Friends Group are interested in working with the school, the council and other relevant parties to find ways to do this.  The land was used for recreational purposes by local children, teenagers and adults alike but it had considerable potential for more use.  In line with local and central government drives to increase children’s physical activity, reduce obesity and generally improve the health and well-being of the population, with the right approach and management, pockets of green space such as Gledhow Field could help to achieve these goals.  In the words of Leeds City Council in their Greenspace paper:

‘It is critical that green space of the correct type, with the required facilities is provided in the right locations if the positive benefits towards people’s physical and mental health and well-being are to be secured.’

Should we reach a point at which some or all of the land is declared to be common land for open public use, there are numerous options which could only be explored.  For now, an example would be the plan below, which was created by Groundwork Leeds as part of the Brackenwoods project.

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